The Short Version – Long Island House Lifting and Chris McCarthy architect botched our house lift project.

The Short Version: Both Christopher McCarthy Architect and Long Island House Lifting said our house lift project was the easiest type to do. They promised it would be done fast and done well and that they would take care of everything end-to-end. Instead, we dealt with over a year of major mistakes, unreturned phone calls, text messages and emails, broken promises to resume work and finally ended up hiring someone else to finish the project.

Neither of them seemed to care that they were keeping our family including our 3 and 6 year old daughters from getting home and trying to return to normal life after being victims of Hurricane Sandy and being homeless for months. Even after moving back in months late, they kept our home a construction site for over a year.

Christopher (Chris) McCarthy Architect
at 47 Richmond Ave. Amityville, NY, botched the horizontal scale of our design making it useless, resulting in door and window openings, stairs and a huge concrete planter in the wrong places and the wrong sizes.

Christopher McCarthy also designed several windows with no structural headers. In the end he refused to correct the plans and stopped returning our calls and written communication. Christopher McCarthy abandoned our job after taking 80% of the total payments from us after producing worthless plans he refused to correct. He did have the nerve to send us a bill at the end of the project asking for full payment despite breaking the terms of his own contract.

Long Island House Lifting, Inc at  52 Maple Pl. Amityville, NY made major mistakes on numerous parts of our job, promised we’d be home in about two months but dragged on the project for over a year and in the end refused to fix many of the mistakes. Some of the items they screwed up:

  • Long Island House Lifting made the new foundation too short
  • Long Island House Lifting used a bent steel beam during the lift which caused damage inside my home that they refused to repair.
  • Long Island House Lifting made our front stairs a foot too narrow
  • Long Island House Lifting made the width of our retaining wall 1.5′ too narrow
  • Long Island House Lifting made the height of the new windows too low
  • Long Island House Lifting made our back door opening so low, it was actually below ground
  • Long Island House Lifting installed the flood vent openings too low. Some below grade.
  • Long Island House Lifting severely damaged one side of our driveway when their dumpster company dropped and dragged a full debris container on it then tore up the other half of my driveway with an excavator without warning, then refused to repair it.
  • Long Island House Lifting promised we’d be home by Christmas 2015 and complete in January 2016. We didn’t get back in until mid March and by NOVEMBER 2016 (13 Months) they STILL weren’t done.
  • In November 2016 Long Island House Lifting refused to complete the job unless we gave them half of the final  payment early. We refused and hired someone else to finish the work.

Check out the Photo Gallery page to see some of their work or click here to start reading about our 13 months of hell (there ARE worse things than losing your home to a hurricane for four months).